ReadingPlan for

  1. Q. Don't you have a newer FAQ page?
  2. A. As a matter of fact, I do! Click here for questions related to ReadingPlan 4.0 and later.

  3. Q. Can I link to the bible app on my iPhone, instead of going online?

    A. Yes, if you're using version 2.3.1 or later, and a bible app that supports it. See the help file for current information.

    (Note to Bible app developers: a custom URL scheme that supports links such as "bibleapp://John+3:16" is all that's required. See Apple URL Scheme Reference or iPhone URL schemes for more information.)

  4. Q. Can you add my favorite plan?

    A. The latest release of ReadingPlan allows you to download additional plans to the application, as well as to delete, rearrange and restore the default plans. If you have a favorite plan, which is freely distributable for non-commercial use, please send a copy of the plan to, and I will format it for use with ReadingPlan and post it for download.

  5. Q. Can I add a custom plan, or modify an existing plan?

    A. Yes, plans are simple text files. See here for a description of the file format. See here for instructions on how to install your new or modified plan to your device.

  6. Q. Can I manage more than one reading plan at a time?

    A. Yes. ReadingPlan can track any number of plans simultaneously. To switch between them, visit "Settings" (toolbar icon on bottom right); select "Reading Plan"; select a plan from the list; and return. Your detailed progress in the selected plan will be displayed in the main screen and your percent complete in that plan will be displayed on the settings screen.

  7. Q. I'm behind in my reading plan, so the 'Mark Read To Today' button marks too much. Is there an easy way to mark what I have done, even though I'm behind?

    A. Yes. The trick is to set the iPhone's date to the date you've read through, use ReadingPlan's 'Start Date' and 'Mark Read To Today' settings to mark off what you've actually read, and then reset the iPhone's date back to today. See here for step by step instructions.

  8. Q. Can I link to an online site that isn't in the default list?

    A. Sure. As of version 2.0, this is a first class feature. See the app's help file entry for "Settings | Bible Link", here, for details.

  9. Q. My favorite online site uses a different verse format than ReadingPlan. What should I do?

    A. If the site is one of those listed below, use the link format shown. If not, please email support and I'll try to make it work.
    Blue Letter Bible:
    (As for version 3.0, these links are included in the default 'Bible Links' list.) You can, of course, use any version that the site supports, or omit it entirely; see the particular site for details. For instructions on how to create a new online site, see the help entry for "Settings | Bible Link", here.

  10. Q. What sites support the Deuterocanonical (a.k.a. Apocryphal) books?

    A. I don't know of any site that supports all of the Deuterocanonical books, and no two sites seems to support them under the same names! Several sites do provide at least some support, however. The site mentioned above is one, with the RSV and NRSV translations. The Oremus site (installed by default) also uses the NRSV. The Bible Gateway and Bible Resources sites (installed by default) support the Douay-Rheims translation. (To use it, change "ESV" to "DRA" in the links to those sites.)

    For instructions on how to create or modify an online site, see the help entry for "Settings | Bible Link", here.