Christian Creeds &
Reformed Confessions

  1. Q. Can you include my favorite creed or confession?

    A. Version 1.2 and later allow additional documents to be downloaded to your device from the the application's web site. Documents will have to be formatted and packaged for use with the app, but I will be happy to prepare any document that fits under the 'Christian Creeds and Reformed Confessions' umbrella, as my schedule allows. Additional documents currently available are the London Baptist Confessions of 1644 and 1689, the Savoy Declaration and the Thirty Nine Articles. I am actively working on Helvetic Confession. Suggestions are welcome.

  2. Q. My favorite online site uses a different verse format than CC & RC. What should I do?

    A. If the site is one of those listed below, use the link format shown. If not, please email support and I'll try to make it work.
    Blue Letter Bible:
    You can, of course, use any version that the site supports, or omit it entirely; see the particular site for details.

  3. Q. Can I link to the bible app on my iPhone, instead of going online?

    A. Yes, if you're using version 1.2 or later, and a bible app that supports it. Currently, the only apps which allow themselves to be launched by an external app (like ReadingPlan) are the Crossway ESV bible apps: ESV Bible, and ESV Study Bible +,  and the Bible + series of apps from Just1Word. All are excellent products.

    To link to one of the Crossway apps, create a new link with the following URL:

    To link to one of the Just1Word apps, create a new link with the following URL:
    For details on creating a new link, see here, or check the online help inside ReadingPlan.

    The developers of the Blue Letter Bible have indicated some interest in supporting this in a future release; but I have apparently not been able to interest YouVersion or Olive Tree in adding the feature. If you use their apps, and would like ReadingPlan link to them, please contact them and make your feelings known.  I'll do my best to link to any app that allows it.

    (Note to other Bible app developers: a custom URL scheme that supports links such as "bibleapp://John+3:16" is all that's required. See Apple URL Scheme Reference or iPhone URL schemes for more information.)

  4. Q. How do I view scripture references when I don't have an internet connection?

    A. Tap the letter or number in parenthesis at the beginning of the line, rather than one of the scripture references itself. The app will open a page stored on your device that gives the scripture references from the KJV.

  5. Q. Scripture links aren't working after updating to iOS 4.0!

    A. My apologies, that is correct, for version 1.1 and earlier. The problem is fixed in version 1.1.1, now available in the App Store.